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Localization for global marketing specialists

  • Speak the language of your customer

    Localization and personalization persuade the customer to listen to your message amongst the relentless buzz of advertising. If you’re in marketing and your company’s product is sold online globally, you need to go multilingual

  • Localization needs to be integrated into the daily marketing hustle and bustle

    The eLearning scene lacks entry-level practical aspects and tactics for marketers who go from mono- to multi-lingual. This is a course for people who want to add localization management to their skill set

  • Languages create organizational and logistics challenges for the marketing department

    Localization leads to multiple content versions, it stretches deadlines and makes changing copy on the fly and propagating these changes across all language versions as difficult as conducting Bach’s with a full symphony orchestra

What you will learn

Whether you’re a veteran marketer looking for a new idea, or a student who would like to build up your profile for a high-powered job, this training course will let you walk a mile in the shoes of a localization specialist, and try making your communication mix multilingual

  • The ROI of languages and how to pitch localization to the company’s management

  • Setting up a localization program: selecting and onboarding translation providers, preparing your email and website CMS for multilingual, adding basic automation and measurement.

  • Continuously improving efficiency, quality, and speed


Mário Júnior

Course Manager

Mário Júnior

Mário Júnior loves hiking and never misses a music festival. He is the course manager. He specializes in digital globalisation, localization, communication and SEO. Mário has a degree in Business Communication from Telford College, Edinburgh and a master’s in translation and interpreting from the European Business School, Porto and a Marketing MBA at Atlântico Business School. He is also certified in inbound marketing by Hubspot, in Google AdWords, Google Analytics and Facebook Ads by Flag, one of the best digital marketing and communication schools in Europe. He is the CEO of AP | PORTUGAL and responsible for the marketing and communication department.
Anabela Delgado


Anabela Delgado

Anabela Delgado is a runner and loves skydiving. She has been a vocational education trainer since 2001. She specializes in translation, localization and she is skilled in multilingual content management. Anabela has a master’s in translation and interpreting from the European Business School, Porto and is certified by Hubspot in Content, Contextual and Inbound Marketing and Social Media. She is a Tech Language Consultant at AP | PORTUGAL.
Konstantin Dranch


Konstantin Dranch

Konstantin is a marketer and a localization industry specialist. Involved in localization since 2012, Konstantin has co-created two conferences, authored dozens of leading reports and research, and has engaged audiences at hundreds of conferences around Europe, the US and Asia.


  • 1

    Management Strategy

  • 2

    Global Marketing strategy

    • Global mindset
    • Interviews with Michael Crawley from Paypal.
    • Quiz
  • 3

    Content Creation and Management

    • Meet the Trainer FREE PREVIEW
    • Web Copywriting
    • E- Content SEO
    • Creating and managing an e-content editorial board
    • Multilingual content management
    • Planning and validation of processes for the e-content and marketing teams
    • Quiz
  • 4

    Digital Marketing - tactics

    • Inbound Marketing
    • Personas and Buyer's Journey
    • Lead generations and landing pages
    • e-Content Digital Media Planning
    • Multilingual email campaigns - Part 1
    • Multilingual email campaigns - Part 2
    • Multilingual email campaigns - Part 3
    • Multilingual email campaigns - Part 4
    • Global websites and apps
    • Quiz
  • 5


    • Meet the instructor FREE PREVIEW
    • Introduction and Concepts
    • General Requirements - Chapters of the ISO 17100 Standard
    • Resources - Concepts
    • Pre-production processes and activities
    • Production process
    • Post-production process
    • The Kaizen methodology in the implementation of the 17100:2015 Standard at AP | PORTUGAL
    • Technological resources
    • Quiz
  • 6

    Setting up a localization program

  • 7


    • Exam
    • Survey


David  Chaves Rodriguez


David Chaves Rodriguez

David Chaves Rodriguez is a Training Specialist at HubSpot and delivers group in-person training to customers worldwide. He's a language nerd and passionate about all things inbound. A translator and localization specialist in the past, David has carried out localization projects for Iberia and LatAm.
Erica Haims


Erica Haims

Erica Haims views content through a global lens. Her unique vantage point covers just about every aspect of content production and localization. She is a global producer at heart and believes empowering globally minded brands to create impactful and consistent messaging. At Haims Consulting, Erica focuses both on marketing for localization vendors and the localization of marketing.  She is also the marketing program director for Women in Localization.
Eugénio Rodrigues


Eugénio Rodrigues

Eugénio Rodrigues loves the beach and everything around it, he spends a lot of his free time doing beach-related activities. He is a renowned national and international sports personality. He has been a basketball coach for more than 3 decades in national and international teams and currently coaches the Portuguese Women's U20 national basketball team, with titles in Portugal and abroad. Eugénio has a law degree and he has been the head of the Human Resources and Quality Departments at AP | PORTUGAL since 2017. He is certified in the Kaizen Methodology and ISO 9001 and 17100 International Standards.

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