• What is Localization for global marketing specialists?

    Marketing experts working for the global marketplace need to master the art of Localization. This process aims to adapt content related to a specific idea, service or product to the culture and language of the region or market where it is being used. It is the art of grasping content and making it relevant to a specific area so that it resonates with the local audience.

  • Why is multilingual marketing important?

    Seventy-five percent of global consumers are more likely to buy goods and services in their mother tongue. The localization industry market is expected to grow faster than any other. Computer and IT-related roles are expected to grow alongside with marketing professionals skilled in localizing product and service marketing messages for the culture and language of a specific region and/or market.

  • What companies hire people with global marketing skills?

    Obtaining professional qualification in localization is key to progress in several career paths. Manufacturing, technology, finance/banking, medical, consulting, travel and tourism, education and language services companies, as well as government organizations hire professionals with localization and marketing qualifications. Facebook, Linkedin, Google, Nike, Netflix, HBO, Ernst and Young are some of the global brands that seek localization and marketing management skilled professionals.

  • What does a localization and global marketing specialist?

    A global localization and marketing specialist has many responsibilities amongst which are developing campaigns, scheduling and overseeing budgets and strategies, and monitoring costs for projects and/or departments. Localization and global marketing specialists play a pivotal role, from start to finish, in managing localization and translation projects and teams, while ensuring that the highest quality of service is maintained and that projects are delivered in time. They are usually the main point of contact for the end client.

  • Who is the Localization for Global Marketing Specialists course aimed at?

    This course is aimed at people who have gained some high-quality work experience, but who are at a relatively early stage in their career. It is suitable for people who want to increase their knowledge of content management and marketing to enhance their existing career and accelerate their promotion prospects, to change career by changing function, or industry or to start their own business. The highly international nature of our programme will appeal if you are looking for a career with international mobility. It is essential for professionals with responsibilities in the process of globalization, marketing and communication across organizations. Marketers, managers, international relations.

  • What kind of career does the course prepare you for?

    As a localization management programme, the localization for global marketing specialists course is good preparation for any job that requires general management competence. It caters to people working across an increasingly wide range of industries – everything from finance, consultancy, manufacturing, to healthcare, tech and the luxury goods industry. Increasingly, some students use our course to help establish their own venture or return to help run a family business. Furthermore this course aims to prepare emerging leaders to excel as marketing and project management professionals in an industry to consulting role.

  • How will the course impact your career?

    Many professionals are seeking to make a career transition or accelerate their career through their professional upskilling. In addition to enhancing your critical thinking skills and business knowledge there are a myriad of opportunities to expand your leadership capacity.

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